Stop On a Dime

Brake service and repair in Ballston Spa, New York

Keeping your brakes in good repair is one of the most important things you can do for your car. No one wants to be put in a situation where you need to stop or slow down, but your brakes don’t respond – or don’t respond well enough. Not only does it put you danger, it also puts the drivers and pedestrians around you in danger.

If you can feel your car starting to respond sluggishly to your foot on the brake pedal, bring it to our shop in Ballston Spa, NY. We can perform the following services for your brakes:

• Brake fluid exchange
• Brake pads replacement
• Brake rotors replacement
• Rotor resurfacing
• ABS system service and repair
• Drum and rotor service
• Hydraulic system diagnosis and repair

At Jim’s Service Center and Tires, we know how important your car is to your everyday life. Everyone deserves to drive a car that is safe and well taken care of. If your brakes need some TLC, visit us today.