Engine Acting Up? Get to the Heart of the Problem

Engine repair services in Ballston Spa, New York

Your car’s engine is its heart – without it, your car can’t do what it’s meant to do. If it breaks down completely, you could be stranded and cut off from where you need to be. Make sure your car’s engine receives regular maintenance and needed repairs so it runs smoothly and reliably.

At Jim’s Service Center, we have years of experience repairing engines in a variety of makes and models. If you think something’s not quite right under the hood, bring your car in to our service center in Ballston Spa, NY and let us get to the heart of the problem. While we can diagnose almost any engine problem, we specialize in engine head gasket repair

We also offer highly customizable engine tuning services to further improve the efficiency of your engine. Call or visit us today to get your car’s engine running reliably.