Having Tire Problems? We’ve Got You Covered

Tire sales, repair and service in Ballston Spa, NY

While there are many important components of a vehicle, the tires are often the most overlooked. Most drivers expect their tires to consistently last, ride after ride. But that’s often not the case. If you are dealing with tire issues, come on by Jim’s Service Center & Tires of Ballston Spa, NY.

Our full-service auto shop provides comprehensive tire services for drivers across town and in surrounding areas. Stop by for any of the following tire services:

New tire sales and service: Jim’s Service Center & Tires carries a wide selection of brand new (and brand name) tires. Trust us to locate the right set of tires to address the needs of your vehicle.

Tire repairs: Find a nail in your left-side passenger tire? Experiencing weird pressure changes in your back tires? Let us find the heart of the issue. Our team can fix holes in tires or determine the root cause of any other issue and address them correctly.

Rim repairs: Road debris, potholes and curbs – rims can run into many problems throughout their lifetime on a vehicle. If you see bends, scratches, cracks or corrosion on your vehicle’s rims, contact Jim’s Service Center & Tires. We can rectify the issue using our high-tech tools and equipment, so your tires aren’t at risk any longer.

Tire pressure monitoring & recalibration: Tire pressure and alignment are key for the longevity of your tires, and of your vehicle. Incorrect tire pressure can increase the risk of a blowout, while bad alignment can cause the tread on your tires to be uneven (among many other issues).

Don’t drive down the road on damaged tires. Come by Jim’s Service Center & Tires today and find a solution to your tire problems.